This is the page of characters in "The Game of Awesome People". No, each character will not recieve a personal page, as that would be a lot of pages to write, and all but 5 a from other things. This idea was actually started by me and a friend arguing who would win in a fight, Goku or Sephiroth, and as such, they are the two who I will begin with. There is only one character per series. If you want to submit ideas for characters, read through the list, then place them at the bottom. But let's not skip around the subject, and get started.

  1. Goku - Dragonball Series
  2. Sephiroth - Final Fantasy VII Series
  3. Nightmare - Soul Calibur Series
  4. Link - Legend of Zelda Series
  5. Predator - Predator Series
  6. Alien - Alien Series
  7. Sonic - Sonic the Hedgehog Series
  8. Mario - Super Mario Series
  9. Darth Vader - Star Wars Series
  10. Alex Mercer - Prototype
  11. Dante - Devil May Cry Series
  12. Rose - The Legend of Dragoon
  13. Fox McCloud - StarFox Series
  14. Samus Aran - Metroid Series
  15. Aang - Avatar: The Last Airbender Show
  16. Lara Croft - Tomb Raider Series
  17. Emeral D. Trainer - Pokemon Emerald, but comes to battle with Pokemon from all the series.
  18. Storm - X-men Series
  19. Venom - Spiderman Series
  20. Megaman - Megeman Series
  21. Astroboy - Astroboy Series
  22. Ichigo - Bleach Manga and Anime
  23. Luffy - One Piece Manga and Anime
  24. Natsu - Fairy Tail Manga and Anime
  25. Joker - Batman Series
  26. Master Chief - Halo Series
  27. Zoey - Left 4 Dead and Left 4 Dead 2 DLC
  28. John Grimm - Doom Series (name taken from movie, character taken from games)
  29. Cole - Gears of War Series
  30. Tawni Balfour - Heroes of Might and Magic IV
  31. Wesker - Resident Evil Series
  32. Hero - Fable (This hero is the hero from Fable 1, but will be similar to all three heroes.)
  33. Meat - Mortal Kombat Series
  34. Ken - Ninja Blade
  35. Chell - Portal Series
  36. Altiair - Assassains Creed (Series?)
  37. Ark - The Legendary Lilypad (Will pssibly be the hardest character to get the copyright for, but definitely worth it...)
  38. Delta - Bioshock 2
  39. Dustan - Prince of Persia (Stretches from movie to games)
  40. Taka Nuva - Bionicle
  41. Termiator - Terminator Series (Model yet to be decided...)
  42. Zeratul - Star Craft Series
  43. Aragorn - Lord of the Rings Series
  44. Krona - Soul Eater Anime
  45. Frank West - Dead Rising
  46. Train Heartnet - Black Cat Manga and Anime
  47. Isaac - Dead Space Series
  48. Claw - My Character - As a short bio, he is from another one of my stories that shares his name. He is a demon who also recieved the message from Harvest.
  49. Rastlin - Friend #1's Character - This was a character my friend made, and decided he would be good to have in this. He was passed out drunk during the message.
  50. Lilith - Friend #2's Character - This was a character my other friend made. Since the three of us made this idea, we each put in a character. This was his choice. She was in space, far away from the planet, at the time of the message.
  51. Harvest - This game
  52. Custom Character (You?)

As for Character that were removed, and will not be recieving a place in this:

  1. Brom - Eragon
  2. Eragon - Eragon
  3. Sirius Black - Harry Potter Series
  4. Dumbledore - Harry Potter Series
  5. Voldemort - Harry Potter Series
  6. Anyone else from - Harry Potter Series
  7. Sora - Kingdom Hearts Series
  8. Riku - Kingdom Hearts Series
  9. Mickey - Kingdom Hearts Series
  10. And the rest of the Kingdom Hearts Series
  11. Line Rider - Line Rider Series (would've been awesome, but he was so weak...)
  12. Buddy - Interactive Buddy (once again, awesome. Once again, weak...)
  13. Neo - Matrix

These character were removed for a reason. That reson being we did not want them any more. They were at the bottom of the list of keepers as is. So, we replaced them.

Now comes the part where you come up with characters and who you think they should replace. If I agree, then they will be replaced with taht person. Don't go in and change what I have posted, or I will block you from posting anything to this page. And I have the list of characters on my computer, so I'll know. An example of what you do is below:

I think Yoda should replace Darth Vader - clawthegame

Now, you can say that particular line all you want, it's not happenning... So go ahead, post your heart out.

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