The Game of Awesome People Wiki Welcomes You!Edit

Because "The Game of Awesome People" is a complete fan idea, in every way shape and form, nothing on this site is official. I am allowing you to post your own ideas on this site for "The G.A.P.", but if you begin to delete what has been posted previously, by anyone but yourself, I WILL take that ability away. If you like what you read on this site, go to Signatures. If I recieve enough signatures, I'll try to make this game official. No guarantees. If your sitting at your computer right now, laughing your head off, read on. I am almost certain you will like what you read!

The jist of it.Edit

Okay, it's really, quite simply, complicated. So, I'll explain the basic idea, and let you catch on from there. I have assembled 50 characters that I believe to be purely awesome. Not just "kinda cool", awesome. If you disagree, fine by me, these are people I think are awesome, not you. Everyone's entitled to their opinion. So, these fifty characters are in an all out war controlled by the players. The characters are almost equally matched in every way, but some may seem more powerful than others. If you want to see a game where 50 of the most awesome characters are at each others throats (and not in a "Soul Calibur" or "Mortal Kombat" sort of way) make your way over to the Signatures page and say hi. Please only sign once!

Latest activityEdit

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