This is the story mode for "The Game of Awesome People". When you start a level, you will be assigned a character, but when you replay a level, you can play as anyone you want, including a custom character. The levels are similar to that of a multiplayer level in Halo, large enough to have multiple players, but small enough to load once. The levels can have a main enemy to fight, and a bunch of smaller enemies to fight, or just a main enemy to fight. The story of this game does not necessarily line up with the story the characters are originally from. The main antagonist of the game is Harvest, who was created for the soul purpose of being the enemy in this game. His objective is to collect the "Items of Power", and become the most powerful being in existence. I'll begin the story now.

One day Joker is walking along, and comes to a cave. He steps into it to realize it is already occupied. Harvest threatens to take Joker's life, but Joker asks him to spare his life for information, information that could kill everyone else on the planet, or even in the universe. The information was the location of the "Items of Power". Harvest spared Joker's life, and together they began to look for these Items.

Nightmare is at the Tower of Remembrance, about to retrieve Soul Calibur. No one was even here to stop him. He steps into the tower. After reaching Soul Calibur resting place, he hears voices. One, high pitched and delirious, the other, lower, and more evil sounding. They noticed him, and they decided to hide. He steps into the room and looks around. He sees nothing, and decides to retrieve Soul Calibur. He reaches the pedestal, places his hand on the hilt and removes it. As soon as he removes it, a large, purple beam shoots from it and into the sky, continuing from his view. He turns around and comes face to face with Joker. He makes a swing at Joker and he dodges. Nightmare then noticed Harvest, and made his way for him. He swung Soul Edge and left a big scar on his face. Harvest turned his head a little, and the scar vanished completely. He then flicked his finger, and sent Nightmare flying from the room, landing in the forest outside.

Joker turned to Harvest and asked him why he let Nightmare get away with Soul Calibur, and Harvest said that it was because he was sure that Nightmare would bring it back, along with some of the other Items.

Link saw a large beam shoot out of the top of the Tower of Remembrance, then saw something go flying out of it and land in a patch of trees nearby. He decided to go check it out and found Nightmare. He did not wait for Nightmare to explain what happened, and instead attacked.

Level 1 - You play as Nightmare in a fight against Link. No other enemies.

Nightmare manages to defeat Link and tell him what happened in the Tower. Link understood completely, and decided that they would begin to gather heroes from all over the planet to fight against Harvest, and along the way, retrieve some Items that could potentially turn the tide of the battle. They split up to find heroes.

Darth Vader was passing a planet in his Imperial Star Destroyer, when it was attacked by several ships. The ships belonged to Samus Aran and Fox McCloud. The Star Destroyer, of course, fought back, but was only fighting two ships that were incredibly fast. After a minute or two of fighting in space, a purple beam shot from the planet. Vader felt it before it came into view, and told the pilot to take them forward some more before continuing the battle, but it was too late, the beam came into contact with the ships engines, sending it down to the planet. Samus and Fox followed it.

Samus and Fox McCloud found the rubble of the Star Destroyer, and decided the threat was eliminated, so they headed for land.

The Predator went to the planet for the ultimate hunt, the Alien. After he got there, he found the Aliens in the temple, underground. But he also found the temple occupied by others. Humans. They were experimenting and creating their own Aliens. But the Predator was still here for the hunt. An Alien made a jump on him.

Level 2 - You play as The Predator in a fight against three Aliens. You only have to defeat two.

A yellow-skinned Predalien jumps in.

Level 3 - You may play as either Alien or Predator in a fight against the Predalien.

Predalien makes an escape into the forest. Predator and Alien team up to defeat him.

Sonic is walking in the forest one day, minding his own business, when he hears rustling behind him. He turns and finds Mario jumping into the air with fire on his fist, trying to punch Sonic. He smiles and dodges.

Level 4 - You may play as either Mario or Sonic, and must defeat the opposite.

The fight rages on, but after a minute, the both stop attacking and shake hands. They begin to walk through the forest together.

After the Star Destroyer fell to the planet and crashed into the ocean, Vader felt a disturbance in the force. It was coming from the continent nearby. So, he decided to go check it out. After reaching the continent, he found a woman named Rose.

Harvest sends a message out to all the Heroes. They would need to defeat him, or he would wipe life from the universe. He told them they had no chance of defeating him, at which point Joker mumbled barely loud enough to hear: Unless they gather the Items first. Harvest then closed the message.

Link and Nightmare look at each other and nod. They would need to gather the other heroes and get the items Joker mentioned. They separate, and begin looking for heroes who will help them.

Link first encounters Mario and Sonic. He tells them the plan, and they agree to follow.

Nightmare first encounters Rose and Darth Vader. Vader recognizes Nightmare, and begins to attack.

Level 5 - You play as Nightmare in a fight against Darth Vader.

Nightmare manages to defeat Vader, then quickly tells him the plan before he attacks again. Rose says she has an item that may help, and with it, she can find more, and holds out the Dark Dragoon Soul. Nightmare holds out Soul Calibur and Soul Edge. They then continue on to find more people to help.

Lara Croft was running through the forest holding something in her hand and looking at it. Could this be one of the items mentioned? This hammer? She strapped it to her back and continued running. No less than a minute later was she surrounded in fire, and a voice called to her: Friend or foe? Her reply said that she didn't know who she was talking to, so through the fire stepped Emeral. Next to him stood Blaziken. Again he asked: Friend or foe? This time her reply was friend. Emeral nodded at Blaziken, and the fire dispersed. They began to talk about the message they had recieved.

Sonic rushed on ahead of the other two. He and Link both had Items, but he only had one, they needed the other six. Sonic ran back and said that the emerald he had was starting to act up, so another must be nearby. He ran back ahead and ran into Lara's back. She turned and drew her pistols, quickly. Link and Mario caught up with him, and put on a stance for battle.

Level 6 - You can play as either Sonic, Mario, or Link, in a fight to defeat Lara Croft and Emeral D. Trainer.

They defeated Lara and Emeral, then Link put his sword away and explained the plan to them. Lara and Emeral agreed to help, and began traveling with Link.

Nightmare and his party started walking through the trees, trying to find more heroes. They came to a field, where just beyond was a city. The city would be an excellent place to look for heroes.

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